sm2School Performance

AE has the capability to conduct through assessment of schools’ financial management, and effectiveness. A health check of finances can be undertaken to develop route maps to undertake efficiency drives in the utilisation of all resources, including teaching support staff, teachers, administrative and other facilities support staff.

Advice on fees benchmarking, income and cash flow sustainability can be provided. We also have the capability to review schools’ performance from a financial viewpoint and advise potential buyers on purchase plans, asset management, and raising finances from different sources, and assuring long term sustainability.

Schools Improvement

AE can help schools to formalise their operations, processes and policies to ensure business continuity in an efficient manner whilst undertaking continuous improvement in all its functions including but not limited to delivery of a well-designed curriculum to meet the learning needs of students. The system set up relies on comprehensively documented policies, processes and procedures supported by appropriate ICT.

Reviews of provision measured against desired objectives can be undertaken to produce plans for improvement for all functions within the school. These plans have clearly defined milestones and deliverables to ensure all involved are working individually and in teams to meet the desired outcomes.

We can formulate professional staff development plans and also help develop training materials and opportunities for training. We can undertake alignment studies related to a particular curriculum to review staff provision and actual curriculum requirements, formulating route plans to achieve set aims.